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Technical Support
Toptouch is a free licence scada software, which permits to easily create projects for all Toptouch line Panel Pcs.

The design environment is user friendly, with easy graphic and objects; it contains all the necessary to create every modern application, both in industrial and in building automation.

The scada is made by a designer, to create a project on the PC, and a Runtime, to execute the project on the HMI panel PC.
Alarms and warning management
Group management, using logic level parameters of data, priority, ack, hystoric storage and other.

Password and security
A very high level of security is got by using the users management. Users management is realized both on designer and Runtime, using a 10 priority levels dedicated editor.

RFID automatic login
An automatic user login can be done by usign the RFID card and the Panel PC integrated sensor

Data logging
During Runtime, you can easily log and save data as trends or other, using the integrated databasa and visualize them also on the HMI Panel PC. This permits to solve the need of traceability, very popular in modern production processes.

Trend object makes a real time graphic visualization of the events in a process. Trend data can be logged or saved during runtime; trend creation can also be conditioned by time intervals or by variables change. Visualizing graphic is with different formats, 3D included.

Trend buffer
Trend special function to capture big amount of quick events (buffer) on PLC (some msec) and to imediately visualize them with one or more trends

Trend functions
Some useful functions are avaiable for Trend: double Y scale, scale autolimitation, selective graphic, X axis zoom, 3D effects, legend, value mark, Xaxis scrolling, etc..

It is possible to manage structures of recipes which contain different data set, to improove runtime efficiency and save different data. Saved recipes are managed with a complete editor on the Panel PC which permits to dynamically manage every kind of data and data set name also with multilanguage function.

Multiple languages
Up to 20 different languages (also with specific fonts) are available to manage project texts. Every Unicode language is supported. (included Chinese, Arabian and oriental languages)

Import-export text languages
Specific Toptouch functions permit to export project texts in xml format, to allow translation and than import of the translated texts in the project.

Internal variables
Toptouch contains a complete set of internal variables (retentive too) which permits to manage and develop data without using the associated controller (PLC)  variables

System variables
Toptuch gives the project a certain number of read-only system variables, such as memory quantity, user logged, recipe in use, to obtain both hardware and software information

Index-link variables
In the project it is possible to create index-link variables, which permit a easy use of big quantities of data.

Variables array
The use of variables arrays permits to manage same type variables in a easy way, with higher reading speed.

Buffer variables
Project variables are auto-organized from TopTouch in buffer to quick fresh time to PLC, independently by protocol type

Variables scaling
PLC variable can be automatically scaled simply defining the min-max scaling ratio in the project

Project objects
Objects types that can be used: Label, Edit var, Combo, List, Touch, Icon, Region, Panel, Bargraph, Meter, Trend, Clock; Bitmap, Popup, Video

Scheduler is used to make events according to a runtime time sequence. It permits to automate events in a process, according time and dates definde in the calendar.

Timers are synchronous or asynchronous events inside runtime which permits to time 100 msec resolution events, for exemple motor start and stop di motori and other.

Multi Touch
Touch is very structured and permits to manage various types of events and to realize different forms containing text and graphics, managing multiple phases, also in dynamic way.

SQL Database
It's the motor used to memorise all data as Trend, alarms, recipes, warnings, data logging and other

Database traceability
Data and events traceability, both for inside runtime and project settings, is managed by database, with backup automatic procedure.

PDF viewer
Runtime visualizes PDF files in the project, managed by a project event, forcing N page and the PDF file, according to the selecting language.

Grafica vettoriale
E’ possibile utilizzare nel progetto immagini con i più comuni formati grafici ed altri anche vettoriali (jpg, bmp, wmf, ecc..)

Vectorial graphics
For static oblects it is possible to magage a transparency color, defined in the project for single object.

Bar graphics
Variable graphic representationis possible with bargraph, in different formats and dimansions, with or without graduate scale also in 3D format

Analogi graphic indicator
This object is used to graphically represent variables in analogic form (meter)

Graphic primitives
A group of elementary graphic object is available (straight line, rectangle, circle, ellipse) to support graphic realization of page, template e popup

4000 symbols graphic library
It's an embedded library of Designer. The user can accede it to have standars symbols and graphic objects in different formats.(Icons, buttons, flags, motors ..)

Video streaming
It permits to realtime visualize a video from IP camera and a project internal video.

Popup object
It' a very useful component and easy to project, type local or global, managed by asynchronous events but also by drag and drop functions. Popup use permits to create a multiwindows in the page, to execute different command in a ordered and easy way.

Text and graphics tables
These are table created by the user, very useful to the repetitive use of objects dynamic. They have the macro function recalling from various points of the project.

Object dynamic
Dynamic permits to change object properties (text, graphics, visibiity) in dynamic way, according to variable value. It's very important to on-line modify information on display or for blinking and flashing.

Objects visibility
Dynamic permits to manage object visibility, usic a control variable.

It permits to dynamically move an object in the page along XY axes by using a variable. Than it is possible to make the blinking effect of an object. Every objec can be animated in a very easy way.

3D effects
These are graphic effetcts, selectable for every object; they permits to give a 3D aspect to the object.

Multiple object editor
It's an automatic property which permits to modify congruent properties of all the selected objects, at the same time. It permits to modify object groups very quickly and with only one command.

Project style
By using some Designer functions such as: custom palette, 3D effects, dedicated icons, personalized touch it is possible to define a personal own "style", to use for one or more project families.

Template pages
Special pages, which permits to manage page gruops common parts; very useful to realize page header or footer.

Database export
Project database files can be created and exported to different mediasI (usb disk, remote server) in different formats ( .sdf, .csv), all to have a redundance and increase sensible data security.

On click events
On the touchscreen click can be daone all the events, with internal functions. (page jump, variables elaboratione, tasks execution)

Events condizioned by variables
It is possible to manage "on change events" on all project variables: events conditioned by the variable value changing type. ( es =, > < # range-in, range-out)

Events on alarms
On the alarm or warning birth project events are executed.

Functions and macros
There'a a complete list of function, divided in cathegories to make various type operations in the runtime (funzions on variabies, conditioned jump, scheduler, database, timer and other). It is also possible to edit different sequences of variables and save them as Macro, and re-use them in the project. Functions parameters can be defined with numeric values or variables, and so managed in dynamic way.

E-mail notice
It' a special function. It permits to associate any project event to the dispatch of a e-mail message (webmail). So, it is possible to send an alarm message to different people at the same time.

Web server
It permits to interact in remote way via web with the HMI, and so to visualize with a browser the project pages. In this way it is possible to see alarms, status and any project variable from remote.

Jump on condition functions
They are very important functions: they permits to realize very complicated sequences of functions.

PLC drivers and protocols
Many drivers and protocols for different PLC suppliers are available: Siemens ( MPI, PPI, Profibus, Ethernet ) Rockwell (DF1, Ethenet, Compact Logix) Omron , Modbus Rtu ed ethernet, ed altri

Multiple management
It is possible to communicate to maximum 16 PLC (also from different suppliers) by the same HMI Panel.

Project scaling
A project realized for a specific HMI panel ( es 640x480) can be automatically scaled to high (es 800x600) or low, only by changing HMI panel settings.

Backup and Restore
Several functions permits to safely work, by automatically saving and replacing project sensible data, such as: Recipes, Databases, the executed project and the various software in te HMI panel.

Demo projects
Several demo project are in te Toptouch, to show flexibility and use ease. It is possible to load a demo project to analyze project or to directly create your own application.

Multilanguage help on line
Inside TopTouch there's an Help (also in English language) to better understand functions, objects and available tools.

Multimedial tutors
20 multimedial tutorial anr on-line available (italian and english). The user can see and hear hwo to create the project and to use the HMI Panel PC.

User friendly environment
Designer environment and Runtime are strictly connected, intuitive and easy to understand, also in the first uses.

Remote control
Lan remote control function permits to access and work on the runtime from a PC. So, from every PC via Internet, the user can operate on the Runtine, as in local.

Operator panel
The Operator Panel is in the Runtime and can be set by the project. It easily permits the user to make Runtime basic functions (project Load, project Run and others)

Control Panel
This tool can be included in the project and is very useful in Runtime to do some operations such as project testing and fine tuning. Variables or other funcions can be visualized or forced and project dynamic performances can be taken (PLC cycle time, scanning timeand other)

Project Autorun
This function permits the project on the HMI Panel PC to automatically run at the HMI Panel PC power on.

Debugging mode
This workin mode premits to execute the load project with associated real time functions for dynamic data store to on-line functions or to execute project in PLC simulation (without the true PLC connection).

System warnings log
Systems warnings treace (with database) all the important on-line project operations, included diseases and than they are a good help in discovering possible problems.

Automatic log functions
On line data store functions, associated to the set debugging level

Trace dynamic performances
On-line stored or on-line visualized data, which indicates project dynamic performances.

PLC simulation
By setting this debug level, the project is executed without connection to PLC

Backlight display
Operator panel utility, to adjust display brightness: it can be executed also from inside the project.

Touch screen calibration
Semi-automatic operator panel utility: it permits to calibrate touch screen and can be executed also from inside the project.

IP configuration
Operator panel utility to select LAN IP address type.

Data and time setting
Operator panel utility to set HMI panel data and time; it can be executed also from inside the project.

Screen saver control
Operator panel function wich automatically switchs off display after X minutes of inactivity. It'll switch on at the first click.

Touch screen cleaning
Project internal function which permits to temporary disable touch screen, in order to clean it.

Complete Backup e Restore
Runtime external utility, executed from USB disk, which permits to make Backup and the complete Restore of all the HMI panel disk; very useful in case of HMI panel substitution, to completely restore SW.

Runtime automatic restore
Operator panel utility, which restores the last Runtime release loaded; the project unchanges.

Project autoload via Usb disk
At the HMI panel power on it is possible to load and execute a project from USB disk; very useful in case of sending a project update to the final customer.

Project conversion
It'a a designer function; if PLC changes, it automatically converts variables addresses (es from Siemens to Rockwell and viceversa) according to new PLC rules

Cross reference
It's a designer function; it treaces in a graphic way all the using point in the project for every component (es variable, Popup, touch, image ecc..). Very useful to know where components are used.

Automatic runtime update
Runtime or any update can be downloaded by Artecnica website and directly from the Designer to the HMI panel via LAN.

20 quick lessons to learn SCADA Toptouch using:

  01 New project
02 Variables
03 Tables
04 Dynamic
  05 Popup
06 Template
07 Touch
08 Bargraphs
  09 Trends
10 Alarms
11 Recipes
12 Users
  13 Languages
14 PDF viewer
15 Events
16 Database
  17 Tools
18 Runtime
19 Utilities
20 Building
Training and tutorial
Artecnica offers its customers training on Scada TopTouch use (in our facility or at customer site) and organize multimedial representation upon request.
In our web site, in the dedicated section, 20 video-tutorial tell the user how to create a real project, step by step, using Scada TopTouch.
Demo projects are available: complete projects, real made for specific sectors of industrial applications.

Technical support
First leve technical support is offered to our customer for free.
Technical support will provide informations, procedure and solutoins for issues related to use and configuration of our products.
Please send all your post sales technical queries to  support@artecnica.net

Informazion and Download from website
Our web pages contains all information related to products such as technical specification (electrical and mechanical) and backup / restore procedures.
Our web site is trilingual: Italian, English and Russian.
Softwares, updates and manuals of all products are available for download in Download section (after login).

Custom requests
According to customer needs, we realize complete projects, including "on field" test and documentation.
We can develp specific drivers, after customer's request.
Than, images and symbols libraries are available. They contain different size images, and they can be used to create TopTouch projects.

Sales contact
Please send all your sales or quotation requests to  sales@artecnica.net

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